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Friday, 8 April 2011


What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress your audience?~
Our film is very low budget, the most we had to spend is 4 pounds on the duck used in our film everything else was from home, so if I wanted to distribute it I would upload it on Youtube and Vimeo and tell my friends on social networking websites such as Facebook and Myspace, to get more views and opinions. Luckily, another way we got to show off our video is our media department decided to rent out a cinema so we could view the film, we could do that and invite close family and friends. We could also show it to independent film companies, to see what they think and if they can expand on our ideas. Below I have posted a student film which has gotten a considerable amount of views on youtube. an dobviously they have worked very hard for it.



Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progession from it to the full product?

The preliminary task was really practice for our final thriller. It gave us loads of practice and skills with using the camera mainly, and also abit of sound and text, though this proved difficult at first.

We had to film TWO preliminary films, because the first one was way too dark to be seen on Final Cut Pro. The task we were given is to produce a very short thrilling clip, in the style of any sub thriller genre we picked. We chose to do sci-fi, as we thought it would be interesting. However, we didn't really think about the mise-en scene, we had big limitations as we could only film in the college building. We tried to work with this, and went in a room and made it dark to make it seem thrilling. We moved the chairs into the background to make it seem as if it was an abandoned warehouse. This didn't look too good on the camera, it was way to dark to even make it lighter, it just looked unprofessional. From this I have learnt that doing any cinematic effects should really be left to Final Cut Pro! We attempted to add sound effects such
as footsteps and zaps, however this really messed up with the dialogue, it was like something our of those cheap anime/japanese films, where the mouth doesn't match up with sound.

Below I have posted some snapshots of our film compared to the prelim, I couldn't upload a video, it wouldn't work. Anyway, the differences between the two is immense, we didnt use any video effects in the previous one, it really looks like a homemade film, where as oru final edit looks more cinematic. We have also brushed up on our match cut skills, in our final cut it flows more smoothly, giving us the skill of precison. Really, we just brushed up our skills because some members of our group had some practice already.
This is much brighter and much more heavily contrasted than our preliminary film, it doesn't have to be dark to be a thriller!

Again, it is quite bright.
Not as heavily contrasted, looks unprofessional, we have improved greatly!


Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our thriller film was made to be aimed at enthusiastic cinema goers, between the ages of 15 to 25, preferable women as a wide range of thriller films are aimed towards women, according to statistics. Here is a photomontage profile I have made of the perfect candidate that would watch this film.

Lori, 22, is a loud, out-going 'party girl' who works as a make up consultant in Boots and does a teaching course at Middlesex University. She is very fashion conscious, you'd never see her without bright make up or a without a ridiculously expensive brand name bag! She is the type of girl that loves going out, loves shopping and sightseeing, and most importantly, cinema going! You'd be bound to find old, crumpled up Odeon cinema tickets from the film she saw the previous fortnight. Surprisingly, she loves thriller films! She thinks rom-coms are typical and cheesy, she loves the fright thriller films give her, without all that gore used in typical 'slasher' horror films. She would definitely want to see our film, 'Signature'.

Our film was originally aimed at teenagers and perhaps, due to the femininity of the film, women and girls would be a more suitable audience. 


How does your media product represent particular social groups?

We chose to use a female serial killer, to break away from the sterotypical view that males are serial killers, although this is statistically true, female killers do exists.

Our actress in 'Signature'

Alexandra Forrest in 'Fatal Attraction'

These two characters are very similar in terms of the way that they are made up. They are made up to look like innocent beautiful feminine women, stereotypical of how society sees them. They appear mentally stable. You wouldn't expect them to be serial killers, women typically look far too innocent for that. That is why, like in our film, Alexandra Forrest was an inspiration, as it twisted the normal conventions of thriller films, which usually use men, as men are seen as more aggressive. In our opening we made our character wear red (dress and lipstick) as although it does have connotations of love it also has connotations of blood, which is related to killing. The red lipstick was significant, as it helped place her status as a female, lipstick is seen as sexy. Although these characters appear different, they both represent woman to be girly and pure.

However, one thing that does set them apart from typical woman, is that they are killers, and that is revealed in their behaviour. In our opening, we didn't really show our character acting strange or out of control, perhaps in our absence of emotion we show that but it is a world away from Alexandras irratic, irrational behaviour in Fatal Attraction.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For this question I am going to compare 9 shots from the opening title sequence of our influence ( The Stepfather ) to 9 shots of the opening of our final thriller film.

These two shots are primarily establishing shots to set the mise en scene of the film. However, we decided to show the back of our murderess's head to evoke tension in the audience, as the fear of the unknown can be quite daunting. Another big difference is that we used a female instead of a male murderer as female murderers in films arent very common, and the use of a woman will allow us to reach our target audience, which is mainly towards the female spectrum. Both of these shots are slightly high angle shots towards the characters on screen, making them appear to have a sort of power, possibly over the other following characters on screen.

These over-the-shoulder shots both create a visual interest on the screen. They both allow us to have insight into what the character on screen is seeing, without using a point-of-view shot (which can create the wrong feel in a film, instead possibly making us feel empathy for the character as we are 'in their shoes'). Also, both characters are changing their appearance, but obviously in different was due to the different genders

Both of these cut away camera shots (or close ups are useful in building up tension, as it is a cut away from the current action. The major difference between these shots is obviously the contrast of items used. The make up in the first shot helps reflect and emphasis her femininity as a woman, which is a contrast to her character (serial killer). It is much less sinister than the second shot from The Stepfather, a suspicious rugged looking guy clipping and shaving his bushy beard. When you think of crazy, serial killers, they usually have a beard, right?

These extreme close ups allow us to see the psychopath nature of both of our serial killers, our character is dabbing away at a lipstick smudge, and The Stepfather is wiping a shaving cut. It is slighty OCD to worry about minor things like that, we can only attach its attributes to that of a killer.

Again, both of these shots are cut aways of items usually found in the bathroom, however ours is more used as an establishing shot as it was one of the first, or even the first shots used in our films. Our shot evokes more suspense, and their shot is more of a 'filler' shot, just to match cut the action previous to it.

The only similarity between these shots is the fact that they are both cut away shots, however we use our shots in completely different ways. The duck in our opening is what reveals the crime, that is why we use frequent cutaways of the duck between clsoe up shots of the make up to question the audiences mind and makes them wonder why we keep seeing this apparently harmless inanimate toy. The other shot uses frequent cut aways of normal things (toast, butter, toys, bricks) so we don't really know what is leading to our suspenseful moment.

I love this shot in The Stepfather! It is such an effective shot, pure genius. It is the moment when the normal turns abnormal. The tilt of the camera (compared to the other camera shots, evidently done on an tripod or a track) conveys the change of tone in the film. It is holy to sinister. We tried to create this in our film of using a close up of the duck hitting the dead hand, we wanted to do a tilt but the limitations of the small bathroom was a huge impact.

Both these shots again show the psychotic nature of both characters, of them arranging things when there is a dead body amongst them

Two of the final shots, similarities between the two are the eyes open as it gives it a creepy feel, obvious difference is the gender, one is male and one is a girl. However, the little girl is more effective as the fact that she is young and a female, plays on the audiences emotions and naturally they feel more sympathy for the child.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION: What kind of media institutions might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience? (Q4&5)

Through researching many other independent and student films on Youtube, I happened to come across some really good low budget produced short films. Some of these independent have even gone to win many awards through Film Festivals.  This great achievement could only have been acomplished through appropriate distribution of the movie. For example our title sequence to 'Signature' is going to be distributed through booking a local cinema and having all of AS media students watching it. 

To get my opening title sequence across to my audience I could post it on a social network site like facebook or myspace and get feedback from my viewers. This would both help me distribute my film and get comments on it. Through using facebook I could make a page for my film which would help in geting it more recognized and also I could tell friends o post it on peoples walls. I could also post it on YouTube but through this I believe I would be recieving a wider audience so therefore I would be more successful in getting my work well known, also through Youtube I can again get feedback on my film. Through entering film competitions and festivals I can also get my film out to my audience, this also can lead to distributers sharing out my film. Also if I was to win an award for my film I would get my film more acknowledged.

Below is an independent short film, it received 100,695 views on Youtube and has also an award.

Underneath are some of the comments that were posted on YouTube about this short film.

EVALUATION : Looking Back at You Preliminary Task, What do You Feel You Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product? (Question 8)

From the beginning of media when i started compared to now, there  is a big change of my skills and abilities. I Believe i have improved on most of the areas in media and have become more comfortable using them. Here i will talk about each area in detail:

This area was never my best skill and did struggle with it, but i believe still next year i can properly catch on with how it works and how to create different sounds and soundtracks.

EVALUATION : What Have You Learnt about Technologies from the Process of Constructing this Product? (Question 7)