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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Definition of Suspense : RESEARCH

Suspense is a feeling of insecurity and worry about the result of certain actions or events, mostly dramatic.

We watched an extract from 'What Lies Beneath'. From the beginning of the film, the woman is shown slowly walking through a corridor, the lighting is dim, which therefore creates an eerie  atmosphere, a sense of impending danger.  Also, there is a cutaway of the mist coming through the door, which evokes a sense of anxiety within the audience; we have the same emotion as the woman. The camera and the sound worked together by them both having the same slow, cautious movements.  The slow zoom in of the bathroom towards the bathtub enables the audience and the woman to build up on the high level of tension within. When the woman finally looks down upon the bathtub, there is a shot reverse shot of the woman and the bathtub, followed by a reflection of another woman who seems to be a ghost or spirit of some sort, this along with the amplified music, climaxes the suspense, tension and shock.

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