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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Analysis of a Tittle Sequence : RESEARCH

The title sequence that I looked at was that of Memento which was released in the year of 2000.

The begging of the Title sequence was fairly typical of almost every single film released and it was an I dent of the production company ( NEWMARKET) then it followed with NEWMARKET presents, this shows that they have been involved either making or financially backing the film and so what to publicize their logo in hope of raising awareness for that brand.

What’s interesting to note is that Christopher Nolan appears twice in name in the opening title once with, 'a film by' and then 'directed by'. this is interesting because passive viewers wouldn't not know the difference between the two but yet he has decided to include this information in the opening.

We then get the names of three main characters followed by the introduction of the title of the film 'MEMENTO' this is accompanied by a sharp increase in volume of the music and also we get a fade into the opening scene of the film itself. 

After we get a sort of sad music with the beginning of the co-stars being shown, all this with the film showing a photo being undeveloped, this then continues to show a scene in reverse climaxing in us seeing someone who was shot.

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