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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence : Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: RESEARCH

I liked this title sequence because it was like watching something new and fresh. The opening image we see is of the Universal Studios I dent, this image is pixelated along with the music being changed to a more game like feeling; this is to show or parody a retro style. The title itself is interesting, the font is nothing special but is still stylised with the ‘the word’ font being different, I believe this is to symbolise that Scott Pilgrim is different from the world.  The images that are used are quite graphical, I think that it has a sort of anime theme to it in terms of how the images come about, for example when the band start playing and we get the credits the images come from instruments being played, so in essence we get visuals of audio, this is what really appeals to me about this particular opening.


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