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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Black Swan : RESEARCH ©

 Black Swan

Last night, I went to see an amazing film called Black Swan, which is about Nina (Natalie Portman) ballet dancer that grows an unhealthy, dangerous obsession with gaining the lead part in a production called Swan Lake, and has a deep confusion for what is reality or imagination. This film seems to be a psychological thriller, with some romance/erotic aspects included, due to the fact of the sexual scenes within the film.

I really enjoyed this film, it made me speechless. The camera work blew me away. I could tell it was from a director that likes to break the rules. It was mainly handheld camera work, which increased the suspense and tension in the audience, as well as making you feel like you are dancing with her, like you are part of the production. I loved the way they mixed her mental issues and infused it with her obession and compulsion for dance and competition, which truly made this a memorable, captivating film. Black Swan used some typical suspense techniques, such as the false plateau's when her mother turns up suddenly. What made this film thrilling was the fact you couldn't tell what was real or false, especially when her eyes appeared to turn into that of a swan, and the scene when her legs appear to violently contort into that of a swans legs. The audience then later realises that it is all in her imagination, she believes she is turning into the black swan, she is slowly losing herself. All her hard work and effort pays off in the end, not sure if for the better or worse.

I would like to reference some techniques in this film in my groups thriller film. I really liked the camera movement, the way in and out. It sort of, gave you an insight of the mind of Nina (Portnam). It really portrayed the transformation in her character, to innocent and pure to the complete opposite. Flawless film.

                                                The trailer for it is here:

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