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Monday, 24 January 2011

Font Analysis : RESEARCH ©

Font Analysis
Font is a very important aspect of an opening title sequence, as it can reveal elements of the film, without the story even being told. The shape, size, typeface and movement of the font can reveal the genre of the film, from thriller to comedy to sci-fi.

I watched the opening title sequence to Se7en and I got the thrills from just watching the opening. It really appeals to me because it is very effective at evoking suspense just by the text itself. The font for the credits is somewhat childlike in it's sans serif format, in that it looks hand written. This contrasts with the backgroud images of deformed hands, razor blades and needles because these are quite disturbing objects to have. Also, the text background differs between images and just a black screen to this futher enhances the erractic, shaky nature of the text. The text looks almost scratched out, like chalk on a blackboard, which could possibly reflect the torture that is represented in these images.

 I really like this opening title sequence, hopefully I would use something somewhat like this in my groups thriller opening, it is v. effective.

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