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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Font analysis: RESEARCH

The font used can change very dramatically how we view the opening scene of a film, it can expose hints about the story that we now won’t need to be told. The font has to be very précised to its specific need, the size, shape, effect and movement of the font have to be exactly right to give out the right impression about the genre of the film.  
The Number 23 contact sheetThe opening title sequence I watched was ‘the number 23’, the opening was so well set out it really gave you a thrill and without saying anything made it very clear that this film would have a lot to do with the number ‘23’. They have used a serif font for the credits, which looks  very historical and appears like it’s been written on a type writer which gives the that it can be very old, and could be implying that it concerns someone’s history and past. There are no images included in the opening sequence, but loads of number and sentences which seem to somehow add up to 23 which increases the suspense, and makes the view want to find out why this number has such an immense meaning. In addition the background they have decided to use is brown/yellow which again gives the impression that it’s old and can suggest that its regarding someone’s past. The numbers and credits seem to move at unsuspected times which can suggest that the film has an unsuspected twist. Also at times blood starts to spread and splatter from the number 23 which again creates suspense and impatience to find out what will happen in the film. I found this opening sequence very effective because it really does keep the audience entertained and wanting to find out more and this is all done with both the font and the jerky nature of the camera.

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