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Saturday, 15 January 2011

How is suspence created in the film you watched in class? Analyse 3 scenes in detail. :Research

'The Stepfather'

In our media lesson we watched the thriller movie, 'The Stepfather' which was about a middle aged man who had a thrive to murder families of recently divorced mothers.

The three scenes i believe brought alot of suspence were:

The opening of the film, kitchen scene
As the first scence starts its as if the father is getting ready to go to work. A lot of tension and suspence is created from calm holy silent music song that plays. Then, the camera is tilted downwards to expose a dead murdered boy, lifelessly lying head down on the table. We are then shown further victims that the stepfather has killed bringing the audience more engaged and full of questions of why this could of happened.

Killing the old neighbour
A neighbour, an old lady hears a knock at her door. As she opens the door and looks there is no one there. As she walks back inside with a point of view shot, the suspence has been created, interesting the audience more as it looks like shes being watched by someone inside her own house. Then theres another deal of suspence with a false plateau when the cat jumps into the scene to give the audience a big shock. The music played is very mysterious maintaining a level of suspence and bringing the idea to the audience that something could happen. Once david does brutally attack the neighbour, Mrs cutter we can see him behind her in a behind the shoulder shot, giving him an immense strength of power to murder her.

Night time stair landing scene
Firstly, what i found very interesting was that the lighting in this scene was very prominent in showing the expressions of both of the characters faces. In this scene not alot happens but a great scene of suspence is built. In this scene what happenes is, the son leaves his room just to wander the house and surprisngly hears his stepfather David Harris talking to himself mumbling words, this then brings questions on why hes downstairs at the middle of the night and brings dramatic irony to the audience as we know the reason of him being there. Tension then builds up immensly as the son walks upto the bannister to take a closer look, then in the following shot we see David's shadow moving across the corridor then suspence hits its peak when the older son takes a terrible step foward leading the floor to creak, this is then followed by a close up shot of his foot. Then it shows David's face close up as he noticices someone being there, but leads to see no one up the staircase.

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