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Monday, 10 January 2011

How is Suspense Created in ‘The Step Father’ Analyse 3 Scenes: RESEARCH

 In class we watched the film, ‘The Stepfather’ the film was a thriller about a man who was a mass serial killer of families specifically families with recently divorced mothers.

The three scenes that I found suspenseful were of:

The Night Time Stairs Landing scene:

I believe that in the scene there is a well built up suspense without anything really happening. This scene is when the older son comes out of his bedroom and hears his soon to be stepfather David Harris mumbling words, this leads the older son to question why he is downstairs alone in the dark at this time of night, for us the audience this is dramatic irony as we know why David is downstairs. The suspense begins to build up as the older son walks towards the banister to see what’s going on, in the next shot which is a over the shoulder shot we see David’s shadow walking up and down the corridor, the real moment of suspense begins as the older son makes a wrong step and makes the floor creak, we then get a close up shot of the foot on the floor and then a close up of a now alert David, the scene climaxes when David comes over to see if anyone is there but of course he finds no one. What’s interesting about this is that the lighting is prominent in showing the expressions on each characters face.

The opening of the film The Kitchen Scene:

This scene comes from he very start of the film, what makes it really suspenseful to me is that the way in which the scene turns from being very average with absolutely nothing going on to seeing dead bodies. The suspense is created when the Silent Night music has already began and the camera does a tilt to the left to show a dead body of a boy. This creates immediate suspense because we as the audience as of now know nothing and so want to know what caused this. The lighting in the room is very pale which reflects the lifelessness of it including the dead bodies.

The Death of Mrs Cutter Scenes:

In this pretty long scene we begin the suspense almost immediately with a false Plato, when the cut jumps into the shot to give the audience a quick shock. We then see a series of points of view shots from what could be seen as David’s point of view, and this highlights the vulnerability of Mrs. Cutter. The music is very mysterious and almost willing something to happen and it always maintains a level of suspense which is matched by what we see on screen. When David finally does attack Mrs. Cutter we see him behind her in a over the shoulder shot, giving him the power over hair to murder her.   

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