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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Introduction to camera : SKILLS ©

Camera skills summary
When we had finally been given our media cards, we were given our first piece of technical media equipment to use, a video camera. We were taught the basic skills of the camera, how to use it e.g how to insert the battery in, etc.

We were given two memory cards, which both of them have one hour recording time on each. If one memory card fills up, it automatically starts recording on the second card. I think this is useful in order to save the time of replacing and inserting another media card, and the two media card holder slots int he camera make it convenient. To insert the battery, it is a slide and lock action. A tip we were given by our teachers is to not force the media card or battery in.

The teacher had also taught us how to unfold the tripod and adjust the height to low to high, this was useful to keep the camera still or adjust from low angle to high angle shots. It would have been useful to perhaps have detatchable wheels on the tripod legs, to make tracking possible, so far we've only done the basic shots including handheld shots, but hopefully with more skill and experience developed we would be able to do more daring shots, such as swooping shots or even bird eye view shot. I think with more skill and experience, I will be able to update this blog with more information on

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