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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Introduction to camera: SKILLS

 On Tuesday we received a lesson on how to use the technical equipment to create a successful film. We were taught the basic skills on how to use the camera e.g. how to insert the memory card in and how to take it out, etc.
We were given two memory cards, both of them have one hour of recording time. If one memory cards was to fills up it would automatically start recording on the second card. This was very useful information because now we know that we won’t have to waste time replacing and inserting another card. The method of inserting the battery is a slide and lock. Some advice we were given by the technician is not to force the battery in or out.
He also taught us how to open out the tripod and alter the height. This is very helpful information to keep the camera straight and to adjust angle of the shot.
 It would have been helpful if the tripod could go down lower so it would be able to include more shots.  For the moment our group have only used some basic shots, which include a POV, close up and an over the shoulder shot. However in time with more experience we will be able to do some more interesting shots.

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