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Monday, 24 January 2011

Introduction To Camera, Skills

In one of our media lesson, we was given a tutorial session on how to use technical equipment like memory cards and cameras properly to create a adequate film. He taught us all the basics and also the health and safety issues on how to take care of it and use it properly with care.

The teacher gave us two SD memory cards, both cards being able to record on average one our filming. The reason for two memory cards is that it saves us lots of time of having to take one memory card out and replace it with another when a card is full, so it saves us time and effort. Therefore when one memory card is full of recording it automatically switches to the next one.
Now about the battery, the teacher told us to get the battery and slide it in the video camera and lock, and the safety issues of the camera is that we shouldnt force the battery in our pull it out as it would damage both the battery and the video camera.
In addition the have the best camera shots and camera movements he told us to use a tripod where the video camera would rest on, this would make the filming more steady and better.

One thing i thought would be good was if the tripod could go lower so you could have the video camera more closer to the floor, this would make more shots easier to do. At the time being in the film we made about a newspaper, the shots we took were POV, close up and some over the shoulder shots. But with more time with the camera and more recordings to come we would be doing more types of shots.

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