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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Introduction to editing: SKILLS

In our lesson quite a while back we received an introduction on how to use Final Cut pro, they taught us most of the basic skills in order to understand the programme.  We was then given loads of different shots already filmed and was told to match cut them and create a scene in a movie.
When editing the video clips I had to consider the continuity, camera angles and pace. It was very important that I got this all right because otherwise it would have jumped or wouldn’t have been as smooth as it could be. The continuity was important because it joined the clips together so they run smoothly. The camera was also as important because if one clip had a different camera angle from the other it was harder to link them together. The pace was very significant because if all the clips were at similar pace the whole think run more smoothly.
To create my final video I used quick cuts, long cuts and also shot reverse shot to try and make my video more efficient. I used quick cuts to shorten some of the clips because they were way too long and could bore the viewer. However I did use some long cuts too and this was to create a sense of suspense. I also included shot reverse shots to show the connection between the characters and also to show the exchange of the lunch box.
I did find that there were some limitations with the shots given. Mainly because some of the clips were shot in the different camera angles which made it harder to link them and create continuity. I think if I were to film the clips I would have used different camera angles so it would have been easier to link together.
If I was to do it all over again I would try and cut the clips shorter or make them longer so they wouldn’t jump when moving to the next one.
Overall I believe that I could put the skills I learnt into use when editing our thriller title sequence. But now that I have some more experience I hope to create a more successful sequence.

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