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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Livetype and Soundtrack Pro: RESEARCH

In our lesson we got an introduction to Livetype and Soundtrack Pro by the technician, even though they only demonstrated some of the basics, it still helped to understand the programme and made it easier to use. Furthermore I do wish to increase my knowledge of the two programmes as we get more chances to use it. However I did learn how to change the effects on my text, such as fade. I also found that you could also have your text written in pencil and all other interesting effects.
This wasn’t my first time using Soundtrack pro, so i found it easier than Livetype.Soundtrack pro isn’t too difficult to use, all you have to is pick a sound and drag it in the timeline, after this you can fade it in and out, put the volume down and more. Soundtrack pro will be very important to my thriller opening because sound makes a huge difference to how the opening comes across to the viewer. In my introduction I come across loads of different sounds that could be included in my thriller like screams and scratches but I can’t yet make my mind up seeing as we still haven’t got an idea on what our final idea will be.
Overall i haven’t got many ideas on what effects to use in my thriller opening but hopefully when me and my group decide on what we’re doing I will have more inspiration.

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