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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Livetype and Soundtrack Pro : SKILLS ©

Livetype and Soundtrack Pro
To tell the truth, I didn't learn much from the introduction of Livetype or Soundtrack Pro that our teacher showed me, I only learnt the basics. Therefore I can't really write much about it, but hopefully I
will expand in knowledge as I get more in touch with the feel of the program. However, what I did learn was the variety of different effects you can do with the text you use, such as fade out and dissolve. You can also have the effect of the text being made out of clay, or being drawn on with pencil, which I found pretty cool, but not exactly useful for a thriller opening title sequence. For my own thriller sequence, I would have wanted to use the text effect 'Frigid', which creates the effect that is similar to the one used in the movie 'Se7en'. I didn't think text could have so much of an impact on what impressions the audience will get from the film. I found that just from watching Se7en's opening, it sent a chill up my spine. It was probably the erractic nature of the text on screen, and also probably the use the the ECU shots of weird objects, such as razor blades and needles, which coincidently are also torture weapons of some sort. The amazing thing about it is that all those effects were mainly done by editing. I would like to further enhance my skills by watching youtube videos and probably sneaking into media to play around with the program :)

Additionally I also didn't really get much to learn much about Soundtrack Pro, though I found some pretty cool and useful sounds. You can create a whole scene by just using sound. The power of your imagination of enough to make up the pictures. I looked through the sounds and I found sounds ranging from people screaming, to aeroplanes and vehicles, to sounds of instruments and more. It's pretty easy too, from just dragging and placing it in the timeline you can create a variety of tracks.

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