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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Newspaper film excercise, what went well?

Our last lesson was based on an exercise to film someone reading a newspaper in a thrilling way, which then had to edit. With a variety of captivating camera shots and angles, we created somewhat a thrilling and griping clip.

To begging with we first discussed the different camera angles we could use, alongside the ones we had to do, a POV shot, an over the shoulder shot, and an extreme close up. The first shot we filmed was a pan of the background, which then came to reveal me reading a newspaper. We thought this would be a great shot to introduce the setting to the viewer. After that we include an over the shoulder shot of me again reading a newspaper,  next we added a high angle shot of me, to suggest that I am vulnerable and defenceless to the audience. Afterwards we used a POV shot to create a sense that I was being watched, we also done this shot handheld to create suspense and mystery due to the shaky outcome of the camera. Whilst I walked up the stairs to see who’s watching me, our group used a number match on match actions with my feet walking up the stairs to create a match cut. This may not have created suspense but it made our short clip more interesting. The clip finally ended with the newspaper and my phone disappearing. We didn't show who took the newspaper, or how it got taken, which, I think. To thrill and question audience we didn’t show how the newspaper or the phone disappeared, which contributed in making out clip more thrilling.

Admitting that it would have been more successful if we have planned our clip thoroughly before hand, but for our first filming exercise I believe we did very well considering the boundaries we had. Seeing as our original idea didn’t work out, which was to film our clip in a lift, we had to make up our plot in very short space of time. For the next time we film I feel that we need to spend more time planning our film and what camera shots, movements and angles we need to use to make it a more thrilling and interesting clip.

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