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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Newspaper exercise - Introduction to editing : SKILLS ©

A Thrilling Read
In our lesson, we had an exercise to do which was to film someone reading a newspaper in a thrilling and exciting way, which seemed an impossible task, but with a variety of  interesting camera shots and angles, we managed to create not nessicarily an exciting clip, but certainly somewhat a thrilling clip.

At first we thought about the different camera angles we could use, along with the ones we were obliged to go, which were a POV shot, an over the shoulder shot, and an ECU shot. For our first shot we filmed a pan of the surroundings, which then revealed to Edit reading a newspaper. We thought this could possibly just be to introduce the enviroment to the audience. After the over the shoulder shot of her casually reading a newspaper, we then added a high angle shot of Edit, to portray her as vulnerable to the audience. We also used it to evoke the sense of Edit being watched. To further portray the sense of Edit being watched, we used some handheld camera work, also from a high angle, to make the audience feel a sense of uneasiness, due to the shaky nature of the camera. When Edit walked up the stairs to investigate who was watching her, we used match on match action with her feet walking up the stairs. This wasn't really used for suspense, it was just to make the clip more interesting. Our clip finally ends with the newspaper being stolen secretly, without the victim knowing. We didn't show who took the newspaper, or how it got taken, which, I think, questions the audiences minds, making our clip more thrilling.

For our first filming exercise, I think we did pretty well considering the limitations we had. We'd originally planned to film our scene in a lift, which wasn't avaliable, so we practically had to make up our plot on the spot, and additionally we only had an hour to film 12 shots. Admittedly, I wish we had planned it out more throughly and thought out the pros and cons more but overall I'm pleased with the video we produced. Next time, however, I think there should be more teamwork and discussion in terms of the camera shots, movements and angles.


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