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Monday, 31 January 2011

Preliminary Exercise/Editing : REVIEW/SKILLS ©

For our preliminary exercise, we were expected to film a character opening a door, sitting on a chair and exchanging a few words between each other. However we had to base it on a thriller film, for example the techniques used. We made our exercise into a sci-fi clip, because we thought it would be interesting to do, and editing could make it more interesting.

Our idea was to have a girl, which I was chosen for unfortunately, to walk into a room and have someone from the future, which was Eda, to tell me that I will die in the next 7 days, but she could save me supposedly. We wanted to include a few different camera angle shots to make our scene more interesting. We started with a match cut with my hand opening the door, with a cut away/match cut of my foot stepping on the room. In all honesty we probably just did it to increase interest in the audience, and to possibly create suspense, though that wasn't our aim. We also used a lot of OTS shots to show that there is conversation with the characters, and possibly to show the audience there is a connection between the two people.

I think it went well considering the fact that we didnt do much planning. However, for our film I feel that proper planning is in order.

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