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Thursday, 6 January 2011


The title sequence that me and my group looked at was that of Memento which was released in 2000.

The begging title sequence of Momento was moderately typical to any beginning of a film. It started off with the logo of production company ( NEWMARKET) then it was followed by NEWMARKET presents. This makes the logo stand out and because the name is shown twice it stays in your memory, the reason the logo is included is to show that NEWMARKET have been involved in either the making or financially sponsoring Momento.
What I found interesting was how there wasn’t a picture presented until around the 40th second which makes you both focus on the credits and also creates suspense. The music which accompanies the credits also helps to create anxiety and anticipation. The way they had set out the credits was also vey fascinating because they displayed the staring characters before the title which can suggest that they are very important. Also Christopher Nolan’s name is displayed three times, twice as a director and another time for ‘screenplay by’ this can imply that he is very significant to the film.
When the title of the film 'MEMENTO' is presented it is complemented with a forceful increase in volume of the music which makes it stand out, this is also the moment where it first begins to fade into the opening scene.

Following that they present the co-stars, at the same time the film is introducing the first scene where a photo being undeveloped, the film then continues to show the scene in reverse which leads to someone being shot.

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