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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Arts of the tittle: RESEARCH

Se7en contact sheetI watched the title sequence of Se7en I really liked this opening, I found it very effective and exciting, I also really liked the editing effects used. The style of the font was a serif font, it was skinny and small it looked like it had been scratched on the screen. I found the font very interesting and I think it made the opening sequence more thrilling. In a way the font can imply someone being tortured or something similar to that. What I found fascinating is that they only used ECU which is quite different to other openings. The camera was probably hand held which is how they got that shaky effect, which worked so well with the images and font. When editing they have used a lots ECU’s to make them move from one to the other very rapidly which again adds a very thrilling effect. What I like most about this opening is the speed of the images changing, but at the same time you get just enough information to insinuate what the film could be about. So over all I think the font, camera and images work very well together to create a thrilling and exciting title sequence.

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