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Monday, 24 January 2011

Structure of Openings with Examples : RESEARCH ©


I watched the opening trailer of Arlington Road and although not my favourite thriller opening, I quite liked the editing effects used. The font wasnt particularly interesting or different, it is just a sans serif font, which is quite bold and thick, which could portray some sort of seriousness in the context of the film. What's interesting is that the although the background images are pretty normal, with variation of camera angles and shots from ECU shots to EWS shots to handheld camera work, the editing has slightly shifted the connotations of these images. Editing effects such as negative pictures, pictures tinted red (and the connotations of red are danger and blood).

What appeals to me about this title sequence is the way they distort normality. I quite like this, because the camera angles and shots are relatively simple, as long as you are a pro at editing to make it as effective as this :)

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