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Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Thrilling Read - Practice of Camera Skills - What Went Well?

Our initial idea was to set the scene inside of a lift, this was our idea as it would lead the viewers to ask questions and also it would be shot in a way that made it look quirky and weird but also thrilling. This idea was however shot down due to practical issues such as the lifts only being available to disabled students, and so we had to come up with a new setting.

We chose the stair case because it is surrounded by glass sheets that allow for us to see the outside, I felt that this for some reason would allow our newspaper reader to feel exposed and would fit in well with our short film.

As a group we discussed how we would implement the criteria that we had to abide by, which meant having to include a close up, POV shot and an over the shoulder shot. I felt that if we used generic shots that are normally associated with horror/thriller films we would produce a sound and well made short film.

Our first show was an establishing shot that then panned across the screen to our actor, who is reading the news paper, this shot sets the scene and tone, and we already have made the audience ask questions e.g. why is she sitting reading a newspaper in such a place? And why is she alone? Or is she not?

Our next shot was that of an over the shoulder shot, this again just established that where we are and what it is that the actor is doing, it helps with the continuation of the short film. After this shot we get a shot from the top of the stairs at a high angle looking down upon our vulnerable, this is a type of generic shot that I wanted and see in most thriller films.

I suggested to my group that we should use the POV shot to show menace and indicate that our actor is being watched, of course this indicates the usual sense of dramatic irony as when watching it the audience will know something that the person within the film doesn’t, also this is a use of Intertextuality, from the psycho shower scene dramatic irony.

For a first short practice film and also for the majority of our group, a first use of a film camera of any kind, we worked extremely well and our film came out looking extremely well made, it was short simple but very effective.

Below is the film we made, without sound.

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