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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

watching a thriller: RESEARCH

The opening of Devil is very interesting in many ways for example it starts with no image and all that can be heard is a voice over, this creates both suspense and anticipation. When an image does appear it is upside down with suggests that the film will be abnormal and unnatural. They used a sans serif font which was quite basic, small and bold. In a way the font contrast the movie because it’s white and normal unlike the images being shown behind and also the movie as a whole. The music also helped in creating suspense, it was thrilling and upbeat. The camera then travels down to the elevator which can imply that, that will be the main setting. Throughout the film there are loads of different hints given to suggest that the film is somehow related to the ‘devil’ which can foreshadow what will happen next. The most obvious one is the light flashing every time something bad is going to happen, some more settle ones are the devil face in the camera and also the camera showed all people in the lift dead when they wasn’t. All these hints suggest that something unnatural and horrific will occur. The flashback shown of the man committing a ‘hit and run’ suggests that all people in the elevator had committed a sin of some sort and that is why they have been killed. I found some aspects of the film very thrilling and anticipating, over all I fairly enjoyed this film.

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