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Monday, 10 January 2011

What Interests Me about Intertextuality : RESEARCH

Intertextuality is when someone uses ideas from another piece of media or even very similar ideas for their own work or for them to develop on that already used idea. In my case the media is Film.

What interests me about Intertextuality is that many directors have taken from various famous scenes to make their own film more effective, the interesting part however is the way in which they use it. If the director has basically just done a carbon copy of the original then to me that is just plagiarism and makes the scene feel old and just boring. 

One example of Intertextuality is from the film ‘Stepfather’, in the scene where the stepfather David is stabbed in the neck by the mother, the camera then does a close up to the shower curtains as it is ripped from the top, that quick 3 seconds is very similar to the shower scene in Psycho. The similarities are that both the scenes are denoting an injured characters grasping at anything to support them and they both pull off the curtain to fall.

Another film that borrows some of its ideas from Psycho is the film ‘What Lies Beneath’. The scene that we are looking at is when the main woman character is paralysed and placed in the bathtub helpless; this also resembles the scene in Psycho when Marion is their dead in the bath tub. 

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