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Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a psychological thriller made in 2004. It was written and directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. It stars Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The title of this film refers to the butterfly effect, a popular metaphor for the principle in chaos theory that in any dynamic system, small initial differences may over time lead to large unforseen consequences. The film is based on a man (Evan Treborn) who finds he has the ability to travel back in time to inhabit his former self and change the present.  The film draws heavily on flashbacks of the cast's lives at age 5, 7 and 13, and presents several alternate present day outcomes as Evan attempts to change the past, before settling on a final outcome.

The film begins with the ending of the film, which I found very interesting this would create suspense and build on the tension in the viewers mind. To show the transformation in time from Evan being 13 to 20 they use the notepad which I think they done very cleverly. They went from him writing into the journal to him finishing his exam paper through this they didn’t just show the transformation into the present but suggested that the journal would have the power to transform back into time and then to the present. When he begins to change his past by reading the journal, they create a sense that he is escaping the present through the journal they create this effect by the writing starting to shake and moving out of place. This is repeated every time he goes back into the past apart from the last time when he uses a homemade video. What I also found very interesting was when he came back from the past and his nose began to bleed all the outside noise seemed to be drowned out but the viewer was still able to hear it.

I really enjoyed this film because it really was able to catch my attention and seemed to build on its tension throughout the film so I couldn’t get bored. It was very interesting to find watch and really did make you think. Me and my group are creating a psychological/criminal thriller opening and from watching this film I now have a more wide understanding of this sub-genre and will be able to create a more sufficient title sequence.

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