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Friday, 4 February 2011

Editing of Preliminary Exercise : SKILLS


To finish our film and make out short film look more together, we edited it in Final Cut Pro. We imported about 30 clips of the video from the SD memory card into the program. We then copied and pasted the clips into the video drive, so we could save it it case we needed to do further editing. I'm still finding it hard to work with Final Cut Pro, I find it confusing and complicated, but hopefully I will get the hang of it.

 We edited by taking clips and dragging them into the timeline. We used match cut action to make our actions seem effortless, for example me coming into the room. (We used a cutaway of my hand opening the door handle, followed by the same action from a different angle) Sometimes this was difficult thing to do, because if the clips had a space in between them, an undesirable blank screen was in between the shots, which makes it look unprofessional.

We added a cross dissolve, because we wanted out character to appear out of nowhere, so this made it seem like she materialised out of thin air. There was a dissolve called 'Additive Dissolve' which made a flash of light appear on the clip while she dissolves in, but it didn't look as effective as the simple one, so we kept it at that.

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