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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Editing preliminary: SKILLS

To complete our short film we edited it on Final Cut Pro to make it look more professional and sufficient. We started off by importing around 30 clips from the SD memory card onto our video drive and Final Cut. I really enjoy taking part in editing and working with Final Cut, and want to continue learning new techniques and effects to make my final film even better.
 When editing we completed our film by selecting clips and cutting them to an appropriate amount and then dragging them into their space on the timeline. We tried to use a lot of match cut action to make our film look more professional and make it more interesting for the viewer, an example of this is Step walks into the room, and we have match cut from Mid shot onto a close up of her feat. We have done this to create suspense. This was quite difficult to accomplish because if the clips were to have a gap in-between them, a blank screen would appear and would make our film look unprofessional.
We then added a cross dissolve, to give out the effect that our character appears out of nowhere, so this made the character seem mysterious and interesting. In our first preliminary exercise we used a dissolve called 'additive dissolve' which included a flash of light while she appears. But in our second try we decided that it didn't look as effective as a ‘cr0ss dissolve’, so we chose to use that instead.

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