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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Editing preliminary (sound): SKILLS

To finalize our film we also had to include sound we done this using Soundtrack Pro, we done this so our film would be more interesting and realistic. We started off by importing out film into Soundtrack Pro and we continued by listening to some music and sound effects that might be useful in our short movie. We then choose to have a funky tune which still worked effectivly to ensure that our audience would enjoy our film. When we completed our sound we exported in back into Final Cut however we unfortunately had some technical difficulties which lead to our film and sound being out of time, this really confused us because in soundtrack pro everything was in time. We decided to leave it as it was but in our final film we will take more care with our sound and also set more time aside to complete it so we want come across this problems and if by any chance we do we will gave more time to fix it.

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