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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Evaluation of Final Preliminary Match Cut Exercise Final Film : RESEARCH

This was our second attempt at the Preliminary Match Cut Exercise, the previous had everything required for a good grade except for the fact that it was just too dark.

We started and finished filming the 2nd attempt in the same lesson as it was a 3 hour 15 minute lesson, which meant we had enough time to reshoot. We stuck to my idea about a thriller based on the Sci-Fi sub-genre. The idea was basically about two people who meet in a special time chamber room, one person then appears out of thin air, and claims to be from the future, this then continues onto dialogue, that is where our intended thrill for the audience really comes from.

We changed our setting and room that we filmed in from before, this was partly because of timing issues and also the fact that the new room had plenty of light, we was adamant we would not make that lighting mistake again.

All the shots that we did where the same, as we felt our shots and angles and also mise en scene where excellent in the previous film so there was no need to change them. An example of good shots we used was when one of our characters heard of the bad news that she would be dyeing, immediately after we cut to a close-up of her eyes to show her emotion of hearing such terrible news.

To get the feel of a Sci-Fi thriller I had the idea to make the 2nd character just appear out of nowhere, at first the group where sceptical, saying that it was too difficult and that it couldn’t be done, but I felt it was a pretty simple effect I could do in editing and looking at the final film as a group we are all impressed with how it looks. We achieved the effect by putting a clip of the chair empty alongside a clip with the person in the chair, we then added a transitional fade effect, to make this effect seem more real, we kept our 1st actor in the clip at all times but she had to stay completely still, she did and I have to give her credit for that.

After filming and then going into post production with the editing, we had to move onto titles and sound. This process was our biggest challenge as nothing would work for us, for example we did the soundtrack for our Prelim but once we imported it onto final cut pro it wasn’t in sync with the sound, the teachers and technicians were perplexed too, in the end we decided as a group that leaving a soundtrack that didn’t play along with our film would take away from our hard work, so we decided to not put in the soundtrack.


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