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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim Film

We created two preliminary films, this was because the first one was unsuccessful and we believed we could do a better job so we produced a new one. Our film was based on a person appearing from the future and telling our main character that she would die soon. We decided to create a sci-fi thriller because we thought it would be both fun but we would be able to make it look professional and thrilling at the same time.
I believe that our second try to complete our preliminary film was very successful, it contained both suspense and anticipation to what will happen next. We used a lot of different shots to create a sense of thrill. For example when we used a close up of our main character’s (Steph) feet, I think this worked very well because it created suspense to wear she was going and why. On our second try we changed the room in where we was filming so this time there was enough light and our film worked very well. I found that when we edited our short film is when it really started to come together and looked very professional. The technician taught us how to use some effects on Final Cut like a ‘dissolve’. We ended up using that effect to make the mysterious woman appear
However, when filming and editing our film we did come across some difficulties. For example in our first try we didn’t realise how dark the clips were coming out on the camera, so when it came to uploading them onto Final Cut we was shocked to find out that they was so dark. We then completed our first preliminary film with the shots we had but after this we went out and reshot our film. When we came onto creating our sound everything went so well until we exported our soundtrack into Final Cut and found out that it wasn’t in time with the film. We didn’t know how to fix this error because in Soundtrack Pro it was in time with film and we didn’t have enough time to remake it. Also we didn’t have enough time to create our titles however we did spend time on Live type trying out different fonts and effects which we could use for our preliminary film.
From this experience I have learned a lot of new skills and I’m sure they will help me in our final film. From our mistakes we will now know to set more time aside for our music so if we do come across a problem we will have time to fix it. Also we would definitely need to create more time so we can produce titles for our final film. Besides that we need to check the lighting of our setting so we don’t make the same mistake and have to reshoot everything again.
In conclusion I found this exercise very helpful because we won’t make the same mistakes again and if we do we will know how to fix them. Also through this our group have come up with more creative ideas of shots and editing for out final movie.

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