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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Evaluation of 1st Try of Preliminary Match Cut Exercise : RESEARCH

For this Preliminary Match Cut Exercise, my group, 42, and group 41 joined because at the beginning of the lesson both our groups only had half of our members needed.
My idea was to do a short sci-fi themed thriller, I had this idea because, and in my head I could imagine a particular shot that would look very good if it was performed well.

As a group we decided to do the short film based on my idea, because it was a good one that we could to ensure we met all our shot criteria such as needing to have a P.O.V shot and etc. We decided that we should bring a sort of dark and gritty feel to our film, so we made our film location very dim, this however would later come back to haunt us, the point of having this lack of light in our film was to connote a sense of eeriness, mystery & impending danger. 

We completed all our filming with plenty of time to spare, and headed straight down to the editing suite. When we finished editing our film we believed it to be very good but also so dark at some points it was barely visible. Our teacher explained that the concept of our current film was so good that the lighting didn't do it justice. The fact that we had completed our film and edited so quickly meant that we had more than enough time to do another one with better handling of the light.

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