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Monday, 14 February 2011

Evalution Of Prelim Film

In my group we were required to create two preliminary films, the reason behind this was because unfortunately the first one that we filmed was inadequate and unsuccessful and as a group we all came upto a conclusion saying we can create a much better film so we went on part two and created our second one.
The film we had thought of was about a sci-fi type of person that travels back from the future into the present time and tells the main character in the film about how she's going to die soon. We all decided to create a sci-fi thriller as we thought it would not only be fun but we could make it thrilling.

I believe that the second attempt we had on the film was a successful one and managed to cover everything such as having an anticipation to what's going to happen so making the audience more engaged into the film and also building a great amount of suspense. We used a close up shot in the film of the main character who is acted by Stephanie where we took a close up of her feet in which i think that went out very well as it gave the audience thoughts of where she's going and why.
Also in the second attempt we done we had changed the filming room so there was more light shown into the video recordings so it was more efficient for the film. In one of our previous lessons the technician had taught us how to use the dissolve effect on 'Final Cut' so by using that effect in the film we could make the mysterious woman appear.

As expected there was some difficulties in the filming and making of our film, one of them was where as mentioned before of our first filming's lighting being inadequate and so as a result when we uploaded them clips onto the apple computers and use them with Final Cut we had seen the dark clips and were dissapointed after all the hard work we had put into the filming.So therefore we had to take a re-take of the film to create a better version.
Now for the sound part of using Soundtrack Pro, the problem that had occurred was that the sound was not in line with the film and was a little off and the worser problem was that we had no more time to do another re-film, so timing was a big issue with us as we didn't create no titles for the video but we did have a lot of time playing around with it trying out different fonts and colours etc.. so we could use this experience on our preliminary film.

In conclusion to all of this I found this lesson and task set very useful because as said 'we learn from our mistakes' so we shouldn't make the mistakes of lighting again with the filming so it should save us a lot of time. This has also given the group more experience with the use of the camera and helped us expand our minds of thinking of better creative idea's.

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  1. Good stuff Sakib, you are catching up well, and have created some interesting posts.

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