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Friday, 11 February 2011

First Attempt Of Preliminary Match Cut Exercise: Research

In this lesson there was a big muddle of missing group members so therefore as a result my group 42 and group 41 had to join up together.

The idea that we had was to use a sci-fi themed thriller, the reason for this was becuase our group member tahmid had an idea of a specific shot that he thought would look really good so we thought of going for his idea, the main issue was to perform his idea well to successfully make it as good as we can.

As a group we had all decided to go for Tahmid's idea and as we could all make sure we get all the type of shots that we need such as close shots or P.O.V shots. We all thought that the film would look more thrilling if it was more gritty and overall darker, therefore the we made the location of the film more dim and darker but later we found out this wasn't the best of idea's

The factor we made of minimizing the light in our film was a bad idea, because when we had saw the video it was too dark and so it wasnt clear or visible so you couldnt see the characters clearly or see the expressions they were making. But as we had created the film really quickly meant that we had enough time to create another film but making that into a better version.

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