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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Font Analysis :Research

Fonts are very important and are used everywhere such as in films, posters, leaflets and so on. Every font can have a different style, size or colour and each factor is vital for every film in this case depending on what kind of film it is.

There is two types of fonts:

Serif Fonts - This type of font is usually used in more serious type fims, old films and romantic type films generally tend to use this type of font more.
Examples are ‘courier’ & Times New Roman

Sans Serif Fonts - This type of font is usually recognised as more friendly and modern, also less formal. Films such as comedies would use this type of font.
Examples are ‘Arial’ & ‘Calibri’

Font Analysis Of A Font That Appeals To Me

The Hangover is a comedy film and it uses the type of font of sans serif, this gives the audience an idea that it is a more modern film and also a more informal type of film. So i feel that the font of this film is very appealing because i think it fits the purpose of the type of film extremely well. Overall i think that the font is simple, yet very effective.

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