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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Livetype and Sound : RESEARCH

When we began our Practical work with the cameras, we were taught how to use Livetype and also Soundtrack Pro, I felt that back then it would be inadequate to blog on it without really using them on something proper such as the Preliminary Match Cut Exercise, now that it’s done I feel this is the right time to blog about these two software’s.   


Livetype allows us to add titles to our film, and I found it to be an excellent programme to use and also very easy to find my ways around things. I learned to use it various amounts of title effects, colour and also learned how to manipulate such things as the size and layout of where to put letters. I used live LiveType on our Preliminary Match Cut Film; this was to enhance our film visuals as I feel having titles can add to the atmosphere and tone of any film, short or feature length.

Soundtrack Pro:

I used soundtrack pro and I think that it is a programme that does its job very well, the sounds that are available are vast, and there is so much to choose from. When using it to edit my groups Preliminary Match Cut film, we used a sort of funky but yet still effective sound to ensure a good thrill while watching our film.

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