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Friday, 11 February 2011

Livetype & Soundtrack Pro: Skills

In the lesson we began our work with camera's we were given a lesson on how to use successfully use Livetype & Soundtrack Pro by the technician. The technician mainly showed the class the basics of both softwares so it helped us to understand it and use it more.

In Livetype i believe it was not too hard to use and we were taught things such as how to add titles to the film we made. Other things that we were taught was how to title effects, add colours and also how to edit the size and fonts of the titles we create. After using it for a while and getting more used to it i think it was a really good software to use and was easy to get used to once you knew the basics.

Soundtrack Pro
In soundtrack pro we were taught how to add sounds to the video that we had made. The way we did that was by picking a sound and dragging it to the destination of the part of the film i wanted it on the timeline. So overall i think this software is a really cool software to use with a vast range of sounds to use. As we would be mainly focusing on a thriller type of movie the sounds i most probably would use most is going to be things such as screams, scratches, screeches etc.

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