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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Newspaper Exersize - Introduction To Editing :Skills

In this lesson the task set was to film someone reading a newspaper in a really unusual thrilling and exciting way, as this was the first time we was going to actually use a camera we thought it was going to be diffucult with not only using the camera but having to make such a boring thing of reading a newspaper so thrilling and exciting. But however everything went good as we had a variety of good camera shots and angles, truthfully we didnt create an exciting video but we did make a really good thrilling clip.

In the beggining while we was planning everything we thought of all the different kind of angles we could use, we also had a number of shots that we were required to do for the newspaper movie we was going to make. The ones we were required to make was a POV shot, an over the shoulder shot and an ECU shot.
In the beggining we panned the souroundings to show the kind of environment to the viewers. Following this we had over the shoulder shot of Edit reading the newspaper and then a high angle shot of her to give an idea of her being vulnerable, It also gave the kind of idea that Edit is being watched. To exaggerate Edit being watched even more we used some hand-held camera shots to give an effect of uneasiness as of the shaky camera filming.
After this Edit walked up the stairs to see what was going on we used a match on match action with her feet climbing up the stairs which we believe came out as one of the best shots while we was editing the film. Then our whole clip ends with the newspaper being stolen from the anonymous person without Edit realising, but we don't show the newspaper being taken which draws lots of questions from the audience of who the anonymous person was.

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