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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Preliminary Match Cut Exercise (first try): RESEARCH

For our Preliminary Exercise, my group and group 41 combined together because at the start of the lesson both of our groups were missing members.

We then went straight onto editing our film. Even though the film flowed and looked extremely well when watching it we realised that at moments it was very dark and at times even barely visible. The technician then explained that our current film was excellent but the lighting ruined it and it would look so much better if the lighting was successful. When we completed editing our film we had enough time to spare so we could create a new and better version of our film. So we then found a new room that our group could use which contained more light and would make our film more enjoyable.
Our idea was to create a short sci-fi thriller. We decided on this because we all agreed that it would be interesting and fascinating to both create and watch. It would also ensure that we met all our shot criteria, for example a point of view shot. We thought that our film would look good if it had dark and rough feel to it, so decided that we need to make our film location dark to succeed this effect. However we later on found that this made our film unsuccessful and we had to re-do it. The fact that we decided to minimize the light in our film made it unsuccessful and ineffective because you couldn’t see some of the characters expressions and emotions. But when planning it we wanted the lack of light to create a sense of secrecy and tension. 

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