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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thriller Audiences : RESEARCH

The Thriller Genre is really just a niche market; this means that it does not have a mass appeal, what we tend to find is that thriller films genre is cut off from a huge chunk of the people cinema going population.

The Thriller audience often mainly consists of men and teenage boys; they are the main consumers of this Genre. This is a big reason why thrillers do not make big money at the box office.

Below is a diagram showing genres that are associated with different genders:

Thriller Films are most often than not certified with a 15 or 18 rating, this is because it may contain scenes that maybe shocking to some people also because of possible sexual scenes. The Fact that only these age range can watch the films is why thriller films accounted for only 4% out of all the box office takings in 2009 in the UK.

The Box Office statistics from 2009 show that in the UK 503 films were made and released, however only 31 of which were thrillers all of which made a combined total of £42,578,104. The 3 biggest thrillers of 2009 were, Angels & Demons, Knowing and Harry Brown.

The most popular and commercially successful films come from the Action, Animation and Comedy Genres. This is because they have a massive target audience such as families, kids, teenagers and adults. These movies are usually rated PG or PG-13 meaning most people can go and watch it.   

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