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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Thrilling Read

In the beggining mine and group member Tahmid's idea was to have the scene taken inside the college lift, this would be a thrilling weird yet interesting idea which would also bring lots of question to the reason of why we chose the scene. But unfortunately this idea could not be used because  the lifts were only available to disabled persons. We were therefore left to think of a new idea.

We then thought of using the candi staircase, which was surrounded by glass sheets being able to see the environment outside which makes our newspaper reader who is played by Edit more exposed.

The first shot that we had taken was an establishing shot which then panned across to show our actor Edit, who is reading the newspaper so by doing this it sets the scene. By all of these things we are implementing in the film it leads the audience to ask such questions as to why she is reading a newspaper in such a place and also if she's alone of other people lurking around.

The following shot was an over the shoulder shot. After this shot we take a high angle shot so this is taken by going to the top of the stairs and filming downwards onto Edit reading the paper, so it makes it as if she's vulnerable.

We all admitted that if we had planned the whole filming from the beggining properly then the film would have been a lot better. But we still believe we done very well in what we had recorded and produced as it was our first filming excercise, and as our first idea was to film it in the lift we had done very well by having to think of this idea in a very short space of time. I believe the next time we create a film that we should spend more time planning and thinking of what kind of camera shots to take as this would help a lot by making the film more interesting and better.

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