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Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION : Audience Feedback and Comments (Question 6)

Here are positive comments made about our Thriller Opening: 
The common consensus between our class members that watched our video is that it was shot and edited extremely well. The looks of our films was praised because it it actually looked like a thriller opening with many extreme closeups and well use of shots. The music was described as being tense and was built up well, in collaboration with the scenes.  

Below are constructive critical comments made about our Thriller Opening: 

Some people took the view that the use of the 'duck' in our thriller was more weird and funny then something that helped raise tension within the opening. Others thought that the make up scenes dragged on a bit too much, i personally i have to admit i agree with that critique. A few class peers felt that our titles where too short and not long enough to be able to comfortably read them.

EVALUATION: Who would be the audience for your media product? (Q3)

Ruby is a typical 17 year old female. She most enjoys going out with her friends and having a good time. Ruby really enjoys visiting the cinema and goes at least twice a month, one of her favourite genres is thriller, but she also enjoys horror and comedy. She enjoys watching 18 rated films even though she is younger. Rube is well liked, popular and gets on with everyone.

Before creating our title sequence we had to decide what our target audience would be and I believe that this hasn’t changed after we have made the film.


Its so beautiful

EVALUATION: Audience feedback and comments (Q6)

There were also some constructive critical comments that were made about our title sequence. For example some people thought that the make-up scenes were too long and could have been cut short, having said that I think that the make-up scenes worked well in creating contrast with the later revelation and also helped create suspense. Also some members of our class said that the toy duck was funny and didn’t help to raise suspense throughout our opening. Another comment they made was about our tittles they believed that they was too short and also added that some people may not have enough time to take it in.

EVALUATION: Audience feedback and comments (Q6)

After watching our opening sequence our class members commented on our Thriller Opening, these are some of the positive comments they made. The most common thing mentioned was the quality of shots and also the well done editing. Some members also believed that by the use of close ups we created a very convincing feeling of a thriller opening. The music used in our opening sequence was described as being tense and some said that it worked very well in building up suspense and worked very well with the shots.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Audience feedback and comment

So, obviously since we want our film to be known and recognized (In the Media department anyway!), we showed our friends the opening. We showed them in media and also we got the chance to have it shown in a luxiourious independent cinema in Islington called Screen on the Green. Here are a few videos showing my friends responses to our film. The wind makes it hard to listen to their opinions, so listen carefully!

Here are also some wordles that I have conjured up of peoples opinions of our film. It speaks for itself really, most people enjoyed the credits and how it matched with the eery sound effects. However, alot of people seemed to have mixed opinions about the duck, some calling it funny! Not the kind of response you'd want from a thriller audience.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Today The Final Editing Day !

Okay so today's the last day to complete everything, everything has to be due in at at 3pm precisely, today's the day we either make it or not. So after coming to the lesson we all worked hard to make sure every things perfect and to make it as good as possible! Tahmid and Edit worked really hard making sure all the timings perfect and also the job of having to put the Candi clip in last minute.
Also after we uploaded it we found that its going to be on the big screen in two weeks time so its going to be good looking at my self on the big screen :)


Printscreens Of Creating The Titles Skills

After finishing the editing we done the titles as a group, we looked through loads of fonts and one that caught our eye was the font called 'Zapfino' as it suited the tone of our and and also the title 'Signature'

After this we went onto our livetype software and began to make all our opening credits and we had to pay attention to all the animations that we used and also the timing linking it to our movie trying to make it look as good as possible.

Here is a screen shot of how it will look in our movie with the title on it:

Giving Our Film The More Cinematic Look

Whilst we done the editing group member edit done something like this which was to give our movie to more cinematic look to give it a stronger more effective effect and also whilst searching on youtube i came across a video that shows how to add a cinematic look and the reason why i like this video was because it really easy to understand and with all the instructions it gives makes it easy to give an effective result and here is the video link i posted:

Completion Of The Editing Process, Skills

On the tuesday that just went past our group completed all of the editing of our film to the best of our abilities as we as a group communicated and thought and agreed on differnt ideas for our movie. Me, myself enjoyed the process of of editing as its really fun playing with all the effects we can add to our clips to make it look creative and even some of the effects made us laugh as it made the actors me and edit look like a complete joke so us a group had fun of the editing and made us all closer as a group.

From the print screen above you can see that we began to include titles were we created delegated spaces for all our titles with our names in to fit in, also with fade ins and fade outs before the titles and after the titles to make all the transitions run smoothly.

Completion Of The Last Scenes, Planning

After we had finished creating all the titles our next job was to give a fine tuning to our movie clip and also the main thing left is the sound, as we left the hardest till last, we added all the titles to the movie so that the movie looks alot better now and were more happy with it

(Editing of the shots done)

To end our movie as you can see from the print screen below we faded our last shot so that it fades to black and the titles appear.

Printscreens Of Creating The Sound, Day 3: Skills

As a group we have started creating a soundtrack for our opening and still carring on making it to make it suit our movie from the best of our abilities.

Credits And Cast

As our group is really small and only consists of four members so as a results we had to create imaginary names which would come up in the credit parts of our movie, the reason why we did this was so that it gave our movie a more professional look

Below is our Credits List in Order of Appearance in the film 

A Film By: Tahmid Rahman

Produced By: Stephanie Attoh

 Jessica Phillips & Sakib Khan  

Music By:
 Henry Winter

Casting By:
 Billy Jones & Asad Miah

Jessica Phillips, Henry Winter, Billy Jones & Asad Miah
The names stated above are all imaginary fake characters we have made up in order to make our film more certified along with a more professional look.

Tahmid's Ident

Whilst looking at our blog i came across tahmids ident which i found eye-catchy and really good and i saw it with his video animation and it looked really cool and look really hard to do but he did it well and thought he done a really good job on it he used really good effects such as a slide in effect and a slow zoom effect along with a explosion which was very effect and heres his ident :

Final editing day! : BRIEF

Okay, so today is the day when our FINAL media thriller film AND blogs have to be due in, 3pm precisely! Today is make or break day! Thankfully, we have the titles and the filmic look done, though I really want to see it before we post it through. Today I think I'm going to check out the sound and tweak anything neccisary, and I will definetly tell Tahmid about my sound idea for his ident, when it is silent it doesn't really have that same effect. It's going to be shown in the big screen, so that should be exciting (Thank GOD I'm not the actress! I really do look bad on camera!) Evaluation should be up soon!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tahmid's Ident : REVIEW

After looking at some blogs, I came across Tahmids ident for our thriller film and I have to say I really like it along with the animation! The animation was made in Livetype I assume, as he uses effects such as the slide in effect and the slow zoom in effect. It looks really creative and professional, and with added sound effects such as an explosion or something like that it will look really effective! Here is a protype of the ident, full credit goes to Tahmid :)

Editing : PLANNING


Today, the rest of my group went workshop to finish off the titles and and work on the soundtrack that I produced in workshop the other week. I also hear that they have given it a filmic look, adding a blue tinge to it. This sounds a little funny so hopefully tomorrow I'll have a better look at it. Fingers crossed!

Sound : RESEARCH ©

Learning the basics
Here's the video where I learnt the basics of Soundtrack Pro.

Not so good if you are more visual in terms of learning, but reading it was interesting enough.

Choice Of Soundtracks

When we had to create a soundtrack for our film there was alot of conflict and disagreements on the type of genre of the music or what kind of music it should be. Some of us wanted tense music to keep the audience on their feet to engage the audience as much as possible withdrawing them into the film but then some of us wanted to have a nice calm soundtrack while Edit does her make-up in the film and then once my dead body is shown then the music turns to fast type of music which could give a bigger blow of impact in one go so then we can shock the viewers of the abnormality of the dead body just being shown in the bath out of no where. But still as a group we still have to decide this and choose whats the best idea and what goes along with our film.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rough Cut REVIEW

Overall im happy with our rough cut because we got all the neccessary shots that we need. We had alot of ECU's to build suspense and engage the audience into our film which is basically a key element. Sadly we are missing two big parts of our film which are the text  and also the sounds. But we did finish the credits after we posted the rough cut and i myself believe the credits look really cool and i was very fond of it. And as a group we all agreed that we should try our hardest the make our video as cinematic as possible to add the better effect. And silly us we forgot to cut out the original sounds of the video clips so you can hear whats really going on but lucky for us this is only the rough cut and for our proper film it would be way better!

Filming Part Two - Re-Shots

As we didnt have enough shots we went to Edit's house to take more shots again so we can make our film longer to make it adequate to the requirements of what we need. So for this we had to borrow the equipment again where Edit took the camera to her house and i took the camera stand home and then to her house when i made my way to her house for the filming by train. Tahmid unfortunately whose the main camera man wasnt able to make it for this filming because of tranaport issues.

When i got there i wasnt able to stay for long so we agreed to do all of my shots first and get them out the way so it was abit of a rush but i believe we done really well. As a group we got lots of good extreme close ups of Edit and the duck, and Stephanie mentioned that if we still cant get the film long enough then to put credits in the screen of our film and add sounds in to make it more suspense and engaging.

Mise En Scene

Our mise en scene was very precisely chosen to create an effect on our audience and also to create a bigger shock when the dead body is discovered by the viewer.
The rubber duck creates our biggest contrast. We decided to use a toy duck to symbolise innocence and present a sense of normality in our opening sequence this would create such a enormous contrast to the dead body because the scene is changing from an everyday familiarity to an abnormal and shocking image. Our most powerful shot is when you see the duck bump against Sakib’s hand, this will hopefully shock our viewers.

Other mise en scene that we included was my red dress and Sakib’s shirt and tie. I think this also made an impact on our opening. My dress because it would give the sense of normality and also the use of make-up is an everyday occurrence for most girls so there isn’t anything abnormal about it so this helps create a bigger sense of surprise. Sakib’s shirt and tie because it again creates abnormality because people don’t get in the bath with clothes on, shows irregularity as so does the sequence. It also allows the clip where I fix his tie to occur which too adds a sickening touch.


In my opinion I think our rough cut was pretty good however I do hope we can make it better in our final version. Our film is still lacking sound which is definitely a very important feature and we need to include it in order to make our title sequence successful. On the bright side we have not completed our titles since the rough cut but still haven’t edited them all into our film, now that we have included them from what we can see at the moment they are creating a very big change to out opening. I do believe that the shots we have used in our title sequence vary from each other and will create a more cinematic look. Tomorrow me and my group are going to workshop that we can hopefully complete our credits and titles and also start creating our soundtrack. I also hope we have time on Friday in order for me to able to include some of the new editing techniques I have learned watching youtube videos. Hopefully our final version will be better that the rough cut and from looking at it now I can already see a positive change since we posted our last draft.

Final Cut Pro Tutorial Basic Color Correction: Correcting A Shot

When editing our film I wanted to change the colour of my complexion but didn’t know how and today while browsing through the internet I came across a tutorial teaching you how to do so, so hopefully if we have time left I can put these new skills into action.

My Opening Ident : PLANNING

This is the ident that i have created, the quality has been lowered so that it could be uploaded into Blogger.

Creating My Ident : PLANNING

I felt that to give our opening a professional look, we needed to have simple things that all films include in their opening and in this case it is of 'Idents'

I created the logo by myself on Adobe Fireworks and also Adobe Photoshop:
After making my production company logo i made a short animation to complete the Ident:

Soundtrack choices

When creating the soundtrack to our title sequence we seemed to have come across a disagreement in our group. This is because we can seem to agree on the atmosphere we want to portray to our audience. For example in my head I can picture a relaxed and calm everyday music until the dead body is discovered, I think this because it will add to the relaxed atmosphere so when the discovery by the audience is made it will create a bigger impact. I also think that the music should have a very obvious change to add to the abnormality of the dead body in the bath this will again help to shock our viewers. However I am willing to sacrifice my ideas if a member of my group finds a more appropriate music choice.  

Cast and Credits

Seeing as our group only consists of four people made it compulsory for us to create imaginary names that will appear to have starred and helped in creating of the film. This was done so our film would look more professional and sufficient as no real film consists of only 4 members.

Below is our Credits List in Order of Appearance in the film

A Film By: Tahmid Rahman

Produced By: Stephanie Attoh

 Jessica Phillips & Sakib Khan  

Music By:
Henry Winter

Casting By:
Billy Jones & Asad Miah

Jessica Phillips, Henry Winter, Billy Jones & Asad Miah
The names stated above are all characters we have created in order to make our film more certified and give it a more professional look.

Second attempt at sound : REVIEW

In our last lesson, me and Edit created another soundtrack for our film, however the rest of our group didn't like it, but here are some screen grabs of the process.

Completing Titles in Workshop : PLANNING

My group and I decided that we would finish off putting in our titles into our opening at lunch time today, to save time to complete the music on Friday. I was joined by Stephanie and later on by Edit; I had to leave early leaving Edit and Stephanie to start the music.

Because of sacrificing our lunchtime we have made things easier for ourselves on Friday as all we have to do is the sound and then our film will be complete. 

Livetype tutorial : REVIEW ©

Video Tutorial!
Now, when I started Media, I didn't even know what Livetype was let alone how to use it. This video really helped me, his voice is easy to understand and he tells you all the basics of Livetype, and some of the details too. Perfect for first time users like myself :) Here it is!

...Okay for some reason it won't find the video on Youtube when I want to upload a video, so here are the links instead. What a shame :(




Editing with Livetype : SKILLS and REVIEW ©


So, we didn't use my text idea :( however I do really like this cursive text we chose! It's very feminine, I like it, and the effect of  'Strange Apperance' really matched the film tone and everything. Anyways, we thought this task of adding credits would be fairly easy as importing was fast and it was easy to type and add effects. However, we came across some weird complications, with the text shrinking from size 72 text to size 14 text, so we had to redo the whole titles. Then we had to redo them again because we had to make up names for people involved in filmmaking ( turns out your actor can't be a music producer at the same time...). Here are some screen shots of our work in progress.

Changing the name of the starring actors ( I like this name!)
The final shot of our film!

I think we are done with Livetype for now, we just need to fade in the titles and fade them out, because the way it ends abruptly really doesn't match with the feminine touch of our film. After this, we will work on sound and film effects to really make it look cinematic! Watch this space...

Disagreements Over Music Ideas : PLANNING

Within our group there are some disagreements about how music should and also what kinds of sounds should be used to create the appropriate atmosphere.

My ideal music sound would be simple music that is effective but yet still within the thriller genre, this I feel wasn't achieved by the group members who took part in creating music in today’s lesson, they felt our feel needed more upbeat/happy music, which I believe shouldn't be the case.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Screengrabs of Creating the Sound 'DAY 3' : SKILLS

We have now started to create a soundtrack for our opening and haven't yet finished with it.

created a soundtrack for the film

Completing the Last Scenes : PLANNING

Our group have now finished the titles and overall fine tuning to our film, the only thing left is the sound. We have added our titles to the ending and now the opening looks good and proper.  
editing of shots done

To end our opening we fade the last shot out as you can see in the print screen below, the screen fades to black and our film titles appear:
adding a fade to keep continuity 

Screengrabs of Creating the Titles 'DAY 2' : SKILLS

We began to start doing our titles when we finished editing and trimming down our shots. I did the titles with the help of some of my group. I looked through many fonts and in the end decided upon the font 'Zapfino' as it suited the tone of our film and also linked well with our name 'Signature'.
the font we used
I went into the Live type Software and began to make our opening credits, i had to look at issues such as timing and also if the animations looked good and linked well with the tone and feel of our opening.
creating the titles 
I then put the titles in our film by importing them into Final Cut Pro. We left intentional 3 seconds gaps within our opening, because we planned to fill them with our titles. 
importing titles into our film
 Below is an example of how the titles look in our opening:
how it looks in our film

Casting & Credits Listing : PLANNING

Only having four people in our group meant that we would have to make up some names to appear in our opening thriller title sequence.

Here is our Credits List in Order of Appearance in the film:

A Film By: Tahmid Rahman

Produced By: Stephanie Attoh

Starring: Jessica Phillips & Sakib Khan  

Music By: Henry Winter

Casting By: Billy Jones & Asad Miah

(Jessica Phillips, Henry Winter, Billy Jones & Asad Miah) 
These are all made up characters that we implemented into our casting. 

Creation of Soundtrack: SKILLS

Me and my group have now started to create the soundtrack for our title sequence, and I can admit that I find it more difficult than I imagined. This is because it’s very hard to get a soundtrack that matches the action but at the same time foreshadows the events that will take place later. In the picture below is shown a version of a soundtrack that Stephanie created herself for our opening, however as group we decided that this wasn’t as appropriate and come to the conclusion that we would make a new one.

When creating a soundtrack you have a wide choice of different sound effects, beats and instrumentals, as you can see in the picture below. This gives us the opportunity to create a soundtrack of our choice that will complement our opening sequence.

In the picture underneath you can see that we have applied some soundtracks to our film. It’s very important that you export your final draft of filming from final cut so that when you have completed the soundtrack and import it into final cut it will match and be in sync with the filming.

Creating of Titles: SKILLS

After completing the editing aspect of our film we began to create our titles. Even though I didn’t have a big part to play in creating the titles I did give my opinion and criticism towards the titles so that they can as good as possible. We looked through many fonts before we chose our final font that was most appropriate for our film. To create our title and credits we used a programme called Live Type which is quite straightforward to use when you know what effect you want. While creating our titles we had to be aware of the timing because we had left exactly 3 second spaces to put our titles into our opening.

In the screen grab below you can see our group creating one of our credits, we decided to do each credit by its self as the technician recommended us to do so because it would be easier and faster.

Creating the title and credits to our film was definitely the easiest aspect but having said that it makes such a big difference to the layout of our opening and makes it look much more professional. We have now put our titles into our opening and have faded them in and out to make the transition run as smoothly as possible.

Finish the Editing Process: SKILLS

On Tuesday me and my group completed the editing of our film so now we can move on to our soundtrack and focus on putting all of our credits in. I personally enjoyed the editing process the most but believe that if we had a different scenario I could have made out film more effective however I do believe that we have done a good job of it. Below you can see a screen grab of effects being added between the clips to make it more interesting to viewer as to make our film look more professional, the effect we used was a dissolve. Also as you can see in the screen grab there is a fade out before our title appears this is so that the ending runs more smoothly and makes a bigger impact when the title appears.

In the screen grabs underneath you can see that we have began to include our titles, we have created delegated spaces for our titles to take place in, whilst also including fade ins and outs before and after the title to again make the transition run smoothly.