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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Creating of Titles: SKILLS

After completing the editing aspect of our film we began to create our titles. Even though I didn’t have a big part to play in creating the titles I did give my opinion and criticism towards the titles so that they can as good as possible. We looked through many fonts before we chose our final font that was most appropriate for our film. To create our title and credits we used a programme called Live Type which is quite straightforward to use when you know what effect you want. While creating our titles we had to be aware of the timing because we had left exactly 3 second spaces to put our titles into our opening.

In the screen grab below you can see our group creating one of our credits, we decided to do each credit by its self as the technician recommended us to do so because it would be easier and faster.

Creating the title and credits to our film was definitely the easiest aspect but having said that it makes such a big difference to the layout of our opening and makes it look much more professional. We have now put our titles into our opening and have faded them in and out to make the transition run as smoothly as possible.

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