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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Editing the film with Soundtrack Pro : SKILLS ©

Editing the sound.
Today in workshop I experimented with different sound effects and background music in Soundtrack pro

I tried to find music that would create suspense without being typical and cheesy, and also because it is in a bathroom I added sound effects like taps dripping, however one problem is that the sound doesnt match up with the actual clip of the tap dripping, so that could be a problem. We had to mute the sound of our actual opening because unfortunately you hear me talking in some of them, so in terms of diegetic sound there isn't any. Thankfully there is no dialogue, so we won't have any synchonization problems like we did in our preliminary film exercise.

I think we should do credits before sound though, because we want to put the credits on a black screen and this might affect the whole soundtrack for the film... so we will see how it all works out :)

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