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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Editing our film : SKILLS

I was only there for half of the editing process as I am mainly responsible for LiveType and Soundtrack Pro, but from what I saw it looked pretty good, with the limitation of us having to include extra shots because our first edit was way too short at 46 seconds.
Editing was fairly simple, it was just a case of putting it in order, with a few cut aways of the duck. The pace of it was good, not too slow or too fast. However, we did slow it down to increase playing time. We added a fade out at the end, as this is what was going to reveal our film title, Signature. I'm starting not to like this name, as it seems slightly cliché, but we will just stick with it, as our rough cut deadline is Friday and it is too late to make any major changes.

If after we add our shots, it is still too short, I introduced the idea of putting the credits on a black screen then adding sound effects by Soundtrack pro, it would slow it down. Also, putting the text on a black screen might make it look more professional and would possibly give us the chance to use stylised text.

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