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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Editing with Livetype : SKILLS and REVIEW ©


So, we didn't use my text idea :( however I do really like this cursive text we chose! It's very feminine, I like it, and the effect of  'Strange Apperance' really matched the film tone and everything. Anyways, we thought this task of adding credits would be fairly easy as importing was fast and it was easy to type and add effects. However, we came across some weird complications, with the text shrinking from size 72 text to size 14 text, so we had to redo the whole titles. Then we had to redo them again because we had to make up names for people involved in filmmaking ( turns out your actor can't be a music producer at the same time...). Here are some screen shots of our work in progress.

Changing the name of the starring actors ( I like this name!)
The final shot of our film!

I think we are done with Livetype for now, we just need to fade in the titles and fade them out, because the way it ends abruptly really doesn't match with the feminine touch of our film. After this, we will work on sound and film effects to really make it look cinematic! Watch this space...

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