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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Edit's House On Shoot Filming

On the first of march we started the filming in the space of just 4 hours and we believe we did complete alot of shots and things in that period of time, here are some shots of edit and her being recorded.

Then it was my part of being in the film as being the dead person inside the bath tub, so I had to act dead inside the bathtub while being recorded which was kind of hard having to keep a straight face without laughing or smirking whilst not blinking the eyes but i done rather well. Here is a shot of me being in the bath and then after that me being filmed and as you can see the camera is far away from the bath tub as for safety reasons as there was involvement of me being inside the water.

Then here was the part where i had to use the camera my self so for more safety reasons we removed all the water from the tub and drying everything out and dried myself out and then i could start handling the camera and taking video shots.

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