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Thursday, 31 March 2011

EVALUATION : Audience Feedback and Comments (Question 6)

Here are positive comments made about our Thriller Opening: 
The common consensus between our class members that watched our video is that it was shot and edited extremely well. The looks of our films was praised because it it actually looked like a thriller opening with many extreme closeups and well use of shots. The music was described as being tense and was built up well, in collaboration with the scenes.  

Below are constructive critical comments made about our Thriller Opening: 

Some people took the view that the use of the 'duck' in our thriller was more weird and funny then something that helped raise tension within the opening. Others thought that the make up scenes dragged on a bit too much, i personally i have to admit i agree with that critique. A few class peers felt that our titles where too short and not long enough to be able to comfortably read them.

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