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Monday, 14 March 2011

Filming the film 2 - RE SHOTS.

Shooting again.
It turns out we didn't have enough shots, our opening only lasted 46 seconds, which is obviously way to short, so we had to borrow the equipment again and go to Edits house to film more shots. Tahmid, who usually shoots the film, wasnt able to make it for this round, so I had to film instead, which proved difficult as I am not used to it. Sakib was only avaliable for 15 minutes, so it was quite a rush to get everything sorted out.

However, we did get alot of shots in, including ECU's of Edit and the duck. I also mentioned to my group that if our film isnt long enough, then we should put the credits on a black screen and add sound effects, similar to the sounds in Se7ev, to create suspense and make it more like a title sequence than an opening.

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