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Monday, 14 March 2011

Filming our film : SKILLS ©

This is Tahmid, our Director filming our actress Edit.
We filmed our shots for our Thriller film in under 4 hour at Edit's house. It went pretty well, we had planned and prepared in advance with our storyboards, however the size of the bathroom was a limitation, a the tripod could only fit in a certain amount of places. We got most of our shots in, excluding some because they just didnt work. Here are some pictures of the filming in process

We used alot of close up shots of edit and the duck to prolong time and create suspense within our film. The duck is a vital piece in our film, as it is what reveals the dead body in the bath.
Limitations we had were to do with filming this near water. We emptied out the bath before it went anywhere near the camera, none of us are prepared to spend 3 grand if it gets ruined!
Sakib holding the camera in the bath. His hands were dried and the bath was empty before we let him touch it.

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