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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Filming Part Two - Re-Shots

As we didnt have enough shots we went to Edit's house to take more shots again so we can make our film longer to make it adequate to the requirements of what we need. So for this we had to borrow the equipment again where Edit took the camera to her house and i took the camera stand home and then to her house when i made my way to her house for the filming by train. Tahmid unfortunately whose the main camera man wasnt able to make it for this filming because of tranaport issues.

When i got there i wasnt able to stay for long so we agreed to do all of my shots first and get them out the way so it was abit of a rush but i believe we done really well. As a group we got lots of good extreme close ups of Edit and the duck, and Stephanie mentioned that if we still cant get the film long enough then to put credits in the screen of our film and add sounds in to make it more suspense and engaging.

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